Protecting Children From E. coli Infection

In the past few days, there have been reports that a California toddler, an Indiana student and three Iowa children have tested positive for E. coli. The toddler was hospitalized for a week. Investigations are ongoing into the sources of the children’s infections.

This recent spate of news articles about children suffering from E. coli food poisoning and, in some cases, requiring hospitalization raises the question: Is it possible to protect children from E. coli infection?

While the answer must include the caveat that even round-the-clock diligence can’t provide 100% protection, there are ways to minimize risk.

Because E. coli bacteria can spread as a result of poor hygiene, health professionals agree that the best way to protect against infection is hand washing. Parents and adults who care for children should not only remember to wash their own hands with soap and water, but should teach children to do the same. Adults should frequently remind children about hand-washing.

In addition, since E. coli food poisoning can result from eating contaminated beef, hamburgers and other ground beef products should be cooked through, to a temperature of 160 degrees F at the thickest part. Fruits and vegetables, which also may become contaminated with E. coli bacteria, should be washed thoroughly.

For more information about preventing E. coli infection and food safety in general, please see About E. coli on this website, and Food Safety and Food Safety Tips on the website

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