April 22, 2007: PA E Coli Cases Linked to Steak and Seafood Restaurant

State Health Officials Report – PA E Coli Cases May Be Linked To Steak and Seafood Restaurant

Five people who ate at Hoss’s Steak and Sea House restaurants in Pennsylvania between March 24 and 29, 2007, were stricken with E. coli food poisoning. Four of the PA E coli cases required hospitalization. The five diners had ordered steak cooked rare or medium-rare. The restaurant chain remains open, though according to a Hoss spokesman, the supply of steaks is limited.

As a result of the food poisoning episode, HFX Corp. of South Claysburg, Pennsylvania, has launched a voluntary recall of 259,230 pounds of beef. HFX is the meat processing facility affiliated with Hoss restaurants and supplies beef to other restaurants in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, as well as to wholesalers.

A spokesman for the Pennsylvania Health Department, Richard McGarvey, said that E. coli contamination isn’t usually an issue with steaks, since the bacteria is killed when the steak’s surface is grilled. In the Hoss cases, E. coli may have been transferred from the surface to the inside of the steak when the beef was injected with tenderizers and flavor enhancers, he said.

About E. Coli

Initial symptoms of E.coliinfection may include severe abdominal cramps and watery diarrhea. The diarrhea may become bloody and can lead to dehydration. Sometimes there are no symptoms at all. There is usually little or no fever. Symptoms generally resolve in 5-10 days, but serious complications may ensue. Children and the elderly are at greatest risk of developing complications.

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