Indiana E. coli Outbreak Hits Students

Floyd County Health Officials have stated that the number of Galena Elementary Students with confirmed cases of E. coli infection has increased to six. E. coli also is suspected in the illness of two additional students.

Charlotte Bass, administrator of the Floyd County Health Department, said that health workers are trying to pinpoint the source of the outbreak. The county health department will work with the Indiana State Department of Health and Galena Elementary School in their investigation.

Last Friday the school received information that several students were sick and had been taken to the hospital. Most of the sick students are in Kindergarten and first grade.

A suspected case of E. coli food poisoning has also surfaced at Shepherd of the Hills Preschool in Georgetown. But the sick child is a sibling of a Galena student, according to the preschool’s director.

Symptoms of E coli infection include bloody or non-bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and fever. Symptoms usually appear from 2-10 days (average of 3-4 days) after exposure. Most infections will resolve on their own, and adequate fluid replacement is important to prevent dehydration. Rarely, a serious condition known as hemolytic uremic syndrome, or HUS, can develop from some E. coli infections. This condition can cause kidney failure, and hospitalization is required.

E. coli infection can occur from eating contaminated foods, including improperly cooked ground beef, unwashed fruits and vegetables, unpasteurized dairy products or cider, as well as contaminated water. Infection can also occur from contact with animals and contact with others who have E. coli infection.

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